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About iNova
About Us
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We develop and market a range of professionally endorsed healthcare products to South Africa and other selected African countries


Our Experience

iNova Pharmaceuticals is well established and has been operating in South Africa since 1953 by providing a trusted range of Pharmaceutical and healthcare products to consumers.


Our Mission

The mission of the company is to improve human health and well-being by providing valued pharmaceutical products, and to be recognised as a leader in its chosen fields. iNova concentrates on products with clear benefits that will be valued by doctors, pharmacists and patients and that are, or could become, market leaders. We value speed, simplicity and efficiency in what we do, and see this as essential to achieving our objectives and satisfying market needs.

iNova boasts eight promoted brands in the areas of respiratory tract infections, oral health, appetite control, dermatology and women’s health, as well as some segments of the pain market. Our approach to the market is always via the health care professional, and our commitment to doing things in-depth ensures the doctor has a thorough knowledge of our products and can communicate their benefits to patients. This involves being close to the clinical front and understanding which doctors will have an interest in our therapeutic areas.


Our Values

It is our desire to be a different type of pharmaceutical company so that we can deliver benefit to all our customers and consumers. We believe that well established brands carry great value for all our stakeholders. With this in mind, we continue to focus on building our heritage and establishing a solid foundation for future expansion.


At iNova we add value through:

  • Our People: We believe in offering meaningful work that gives value to all our stakeholders, nurturing and developing individuals on both a professional and personal level.
  • Our Products: We take pride in our products that bring real benefits and we are committed to excellence in their promotion.
  • Our Integrity: We are ethical in all that we say and do.
  • Our Customers: We are passionate about making everyday life better for all, so we listen to and understand our customers in such depth that we are able to offer what they deserve.


iNova is a proud member of Self-Medication Manufacturers Association of South Africa (SMASA).

We are committed to ethical marketing practices and promotional activities that are intended to benefit patients and enhance the practice of medicine. Compliance with the South African Code of Marketing Practice is mandatory for SMASA members. As a member of SMASA we believe that ethical marketing and promotion of medicines adds value to our work. The environment in which we operate is so complex and uncertain, SMASA provides a strong support structure to work within that mirrors iNova’s own values as a company


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